Blue Spot 20 PCE Cleaning & Polishing Set

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Blue Spot 20 PCE Cleaning & Polishing Set The Blue Spot 20PCE Cleaning and polishing set is perfect for retouching or finishing projects. The kit comes complete with polishing wheels tips & brushes to give the best finish. Features: Multipurpose kit with 7 different accessory pieces and additional brush heads for precision work. Includes polishing brushes to give surfaces the perfect finish. Includes polishing compound. Spare mandrels for extended use. Contents: 3PCE 1" Felt Polishing Wheels. 1PCE Polishing Compound. 1PCE Felt Polishing Wheel with Shank. 1PCE 7/8" Nylon Brush. 1PCE 1/2" Nylon Brush. 1PCE 1/8" Nylon Brush. 1PCE 7/8" Steel Brush. 2PCE Mandrels. 2PCE 7/8" Emery Polishing Wheels. 1PCE Felt Polishing Tip. 6PCE 1/2" Felt Polishing Wheels.