US Pro 2 inch Mini Air Sander

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This easy to use lightweight powerful miniature air sander is perfect for smaller projects and hard to reach area`s that larger sanders wouldn't have a chance at reaching. The lever throttle provides precision control while the 90 degree angle head gives it that edge over traditional straight sanders. Ideal for sanding removing rust feathering paint smoothing welds and even woodworking. Included: Includes: 1 x 90 Degree angled head air sander. Includes: 1 x 2 inch Velcro pad. Includes: 1 x Pin punch. Includes: 1 x Air line connector. Specifications: Free Speed: 15000 RPM. Air Consumption: 4 CFM at 90 PSI. Pad Size: 2 inch or 50.8 mm. Air Pressure: 90 Psi 6.2 Bar. Air Inlet 1/4 inch bsp. Weight: 0.64 kg. Air outlet: Rear 360 degree exhaust. Length: 170 mm (approx). Diameter: 40 mm (approx). Angle head: 90 degree.